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Cerebain Biotech (OTC: CBBT) is a development-stage medical device company focused on the creation and clinical development of a minimally invasive implantable device. The device leverages the clinically observable, positive impact that omentum stimulation has on cognitive function as related to dementias, and in particular, Alzheimer’s disease.

The corporate vision is based on these positive clinical observations. These impacts were so compelling they led to the use of a highly invasive surgical procedure that successfully improved brain function in virtually all of the observed patients. The risks associated with the procedure, however, rendered it all but obsolete.

In 2010 Cerebain Biotech licensed patent-pending technology for an implantable device that stimulates the omentum, and can be adjusted non-invasively to account for a range of factors, including frequency, strength of stimulation and location.


Company Overview

Existing therapeutics have been unable to halt disease progression or extend life in a meaningful way

Cerebain’s novel device approach is supported by research and patient outcomes

Clinical evidence supports the Company’s working approach, that omentum stimulation improves cognitive function in patients with dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease

Minimally invasive, one-time device implantation will overcome challenges associated with previous omentum stimulation procedures that are highly invasive

Patent-pending technology with broad applicability

Recent scientific breakthroughs regarding the potential identification of gene-specific protein increases prior to on-set of symptoms, could compliment our work

Early diagnosis is key to helping patients maintain quality of life

Experienced management and advisory teams with the expertise to move the clinical program forward efficiently and effectively


Corporate Leadership


Eric Clemons, President and CEO

Mr. Clemons has a long history building and growing companies across multiple industries. Prior to assuming leadership of Cerebain, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer for GTC Telecom Corp, a publicly traded Nevada Corporation that operated out of Costa Mesa, CA. During his tenure, Mr. Clemons was instrumental in growing the company’s annual revenues from $500,000 per year to over $17 million per year.

It was Cerebain technology, which offers a completely new way of approaching the development of an effective Alzheimer’s disease treatment that captured Mr. Clemons’ imagination, triggering his move into the life sciences arena.

“While there have been some very recent key learnings in the Alzheimer’s treatment space, the fact is that the disease remains the only top ten killer in the United States with no effective treatments currently available and no way to halt or slow progression,” Clemons said. “We are hopeful that our device, which will focus on the impact of omental stimulation and cognitive function in Alzheimer’s Disease patients, can change that.”

Wesley Tate – Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining Cerebain Biotech, Mr. Tate was the owner of Strategic Business Associates, a Tennessee-based consultancy offering business management and growth services to start-up and early-stage companies.

Over the course of his career Mr. Tate has held key managerial positions at both healthcare and telecoms companies. This includes Chief Financial Officer for HST Global, Inc., a development-stage biotechnology company located in Virginia; and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for InnerLight Inc., a life science company located in Utah.

Mr. Tate received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with majors in Finance and Psychology, and earned his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with concentrations in Finance and Management.

He is proud to have served his country as a member of the United States Army.