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Scott McCallum, Former Wisconsin Governor, Engaged by Cerebain Biotech as Special Advisor

December 4, 2014 – Cerebain Biotech (CBBT) today announced that the company has engaged Scott McCallum, former governor of Wisconsin, entrepreneur and present Counsel on International Government to Hamilton Advisors, as a special advisor. Cerebain is an early-stage research and development company focused on evaluating a novel approach to the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. Governor McCallum will serve as an invaluable resource in supporting rapid growth for the company as omental stimulation, the focus of Cerebain’s research, is formally launched for study in Europe and then the United States.

“Cerebain Biotech is focused on evaluating an approach to Alzheimer’s Disease treatment that has been clinically recognized, but never before studied in a clinically significant way. The potential impact on patients and their families is extremely significant,” said Governor McCallum. “Serving as a special advisor to help drive corporate growth affords me yet another opportunity to reinforce the focus of serving others in a broad range of capacities – as a public servant, as an entrepreneur and most recently, as President and CEO of Aidmatrix, where technology was applied to humanitarian purposes.”

Governor McCallum presently is working on projects with the European Union Parliament, sits on a U.S. State Department/Poland Foreign Ministry Joint Commission on Innovation, and is leading an effort to use technology to match persons with Multiple Sclerosis to training and occupations in Hungary, Romania, and Poland. He also heads a project to assess and train employees for health care occupations in Poland. He is on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Said Eric Clemons, president and CEO of Cerebain Biotech, “We couldn’t be happier to have the benefit of Governor McCallum’s experience and expertise as the company moves into initial clinical trials for its omental stimulation medical device in Europe. These outcomes have the potential to demonstrate that prior clinical observation and analysis of the effects of omental stimulation on cognitive function in Alzheimer’s Disease patients is measurable and sustainable, and therefore offers hope for millions of people, and their families, where there was none before. With the Governor’s support and input we are working to move forward quickly and effectively.”

About Cerebain Biotech Corp.

Cerebain Biotech (CBBT) is a development-stage medical device company focused on the creation and clinical development of a minimally invasive implantable device. The device leverages the clinically observable, positive impact that omentum stimulation has on cognitive function as related to dementias, and in particular, Alzheimer’s disease. The corporate vision is based on these positive clinical observations. These impacts were so compelling they led to the use of a highly invasive surgical procedure that successfully improved brain function in virtually all of the observed patients. The risks associated with the procedure, however, rendered it all but obsolete. The Company’s approach will consider both a medical device solution as well as a synthetic drug solution.

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